The purpose of this site is to be a centralized calendar of events for the LBTQ community, particularly lesbians. The idea came about during one of our many travels around the United States. I would research girl/lesbian events in whatever city we were in and the results were often the same: the information was either inaccurate, non-existing or only gay-boy events were listed. Granted, the boys do go out a lot more than we do. Nonetheless, it was inconceivable to us that we could not find any reliable information on where to go if you’re a girl…interested in girls… wanting to get out of the house… to meet other girls :-) With that in mind, "The Lesbian Agenda" was born.

At first, the site was only supposed to have a calendar of lesbian events throughout the country. Then, due to over-enthusiasm or just plain A.D.D., we decided to incorporate other content as well, such as current affairs, history, art, music and pop culture. The emphasis of the site, however, remains the same. That is, all our content is geared towards the LBTQ community, particularly lesbians and what appeals to us. As such, "The Lesbian Agenda” focuses on empowering lesbian/bi/trans/queer women by promoting their events, showcasing their work and ultimately, connecting with a larger audience.  Despite the name, we welcome all gender and sexual orientation. 

Without further ado... what are you doing this weekend?