Best Lesbian Themed Music Videos of 2017

A few years ago, I started compiling a list of lesbian themed music videos released in single year for my own amusement. When I first started the list, I could barely find 10 videos to put together in a yearly playlist. In contrast, this year I had 58 videos to choose from! The reasons behind this increase in lesbian themed music videos is subject for another discussion, nonetheless, the sheer fact of such increase must be celebrated. The more we see depictions of same-sex sexual desire, attraction and romantic relationships, the more we destigmatize them. In other words, "We're Here; We're Queer; Get Used To It!"

Below are our favorite videos of 2017:

  • Marika Hackman - My Lover Cindy
  • J.Views - Don't Pull Away (feat. Milosh)
  • LP - When We're High
  • Be Steadwell - New Girl
  • Torres - Skim
  • Mary Lambert - Know Your Name
  • Quiñ - Sticky Situation (feat. Syd)
  • Hayley Kiyoko - Feelings
  • Niia - Nobody
  • Fletcher - Wasted Youth
  • July Jones - Jump In The Water
  • Siva - Clarity/Nights B4 You
  • Rupp - Happy Now
  • Ily - Your Love
  • Kehlani - Honey