Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

Title: Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
Year: 2011
Language: US (English)

Plot: Jane is a plain old greeting card employee, but everything changes when Zoinx and Zylar visit planet Earth. They are concerned that too much love is destroying the ozone layer and are determined to have their hearts broken to save our world.

Basic Review:

  • A seriously unique film! I know it doesn’t look great at first glimpse but this crew have gone above and beyond to bring you a light hearted and hilarious lesbian themed film.
  • The film is in black and white which you forget about in the first minute.
  • The alien’s attempt to assimilate to our human culture is curious and well thought out.
  • The aliens even have their own language which is a creative credit to the writers.
  • A film made by lesbians with no heterosexual side stories.
  • A satirical low budget film with a flawless plot, great laughs and feel good moments.
  • Give it a chance! If you’re into quirky things, you’re welcome.

*Recommended by: Netflix

(Source: lesbianfilms)